Insurance Chatbots Top 5 Use Cases and More

Insurance Chatbot Guide 5 Benefits & 3 Use Cases

chatbot insurance examples

With Chatbots to help lead customers to the exact information, they are seeking, or provide solutions instantly, customers no longer need to navigate the website or any other interface, saving precious time. They can simply ask or type what they need, and multi-step actions are compressed into a single command followed by the chatbot. KLI, a leading insurance provider, wanted to make customer care more self-serve and asynchronous, improve customer engagement, and give a boost to their lead generation efforts. Learn how Haptik’s insurance chatbot helped enhance KLI’s customer engagement by 500%.

The modern digitized client expects high levels of engagement and service delivery. They are no longer willing to wait on the phone or online for a customer service representative. With our new advanced features, you can enhance the communication experience with your customers. Our chatbot can understand natural language and provides contextual responses, this makes it easier to chat with your customers. Gradually, the chatbot can store and analyse data, and provide personalized recommendations to your customers. Chatbots can use AI technology to thoroughly review claims, verify policy details and put them through a fraud detection algorithm before processing them with the bank to move forward with the claim settlement.

Be there for new and existing policyholders at all times

LIMRA’s 2018 Insurance Barometer Study states that 60% of people in the United States were covered by some type of life insurance. Quickly provide information on policy coverage, quotes, benefits, and FAQs. Potential customers can receive an opening menu of general information, each with a number that the user send to select that information. Users can be directed to a personal contact, sign up for an informational webinar, learn more about the WWK contracts, watch a quick introduction video, learn about the company’s history, and much more.

chatbot insurance examples

While a popular belief about chatbots is that they will make human agents completely redundant, that is not entirely true. Chatbots can actually work for insurance agents, complementing their efforts and helping them carry out their jobs more effectively. The role of AI-powered chatbots and support automation platforms in the insurance industry is becoming increasingly vital. They improve customer service and offer a unique perspective on how technology can reshape traditional business models. Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform designed to streamline customer support and business processes for various industries, including insurance.

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The problem is that many insurers are unaware of the potential of insurance chatbots. Great customer experience starts way before the claim process, by providing customers with the relevant information and education. Conversational insurance helps eliminate the frustration and confusion that leads to customer service calls, or worse, customer churn.

  • On the basis of type, it is categorized into customer service chatbots, sales chatbots, claims processing chatbots, underwriting chatbots, and others.
  • An idea that emerged was creating new channels of lead generation to reduce customer effort.
  • So what is it about these online chatbots that makes them suited to these roles?

You can sign up for free to get continued access to the site and also become a member of our TDI Connect community. Join many thousands of people like you who are interested in working together to accelerate the digital transformation of insurance. However, with Spixii the customer engagement could be highly personalized and interactive. For example, when I beta tested Spixii I used a trip I’m about to make to the Le Mans 24 hour race in June. Because of limitations in the back-end systems, all I could “buy” was a single product, single-trip European travel insurance plan.

AI Chatbots Will Take Over Customer Conversations – Insurance Tech Trends (

What’s more, our AI is more accurate than competitors with the ability to self-learn and self-heal. Automate experiences across the most costly consumer channel with LLM-powered voice bots to create more natural and efficient interactions. Policyholder and consumer expectations are transforming as the world becomes more digital. They now buy insurance online, contrast prices before interacting with an agent, and even self-service their policies.

chatbot insurance examples

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies is becoming more widespread in the insurance industry. Chatbots are a natural extension of these technologies and are being used to automate a wide range of insurance-related tasks. In addition, there is a surge in NLP technology adoption as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies became more widely used in the insurance industry. The AI-driven NLP empowers insurance companies to keep up-to-date with the latest data, automate repetitive task, and internal processes, and improve productivity. In addition, it improves customer experience through predictive analytics and automate function where manual processes were previously required and personalize user-interface capabilities.

Self-Service is Just One Step in the Insurance Member Journey

The mission behind this solution is to educate Americans on the actual cost of financial life protection in an innovative conversational manner. Once your customers have all the necessary information at their disposal, the next ideal step would be to purchase the policies. Everyone will have a different requirement which is why insurance extensively relies on customization. Other useful notifications include alerts when policy renewal time is coming up. The bot can send a renewal reminder and then guide the policyholder easily through the process. With the world becoming more digital, legacy systems in the insurance industry are transforming.

Insurers must also provide customers with clear information about how their data is protected and what measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access or misuse. Use automation, customer profile analytics, and conversational AI-powered robots to drive an enhanced quote and bind process. Chatbots can take up the redundant task of educating the customers on various static FAQ’s like – process flow, policy comparison, and policy suggestion based on a rich database. Research shows that we only use about about 5 regularly, and half of these are social media apps. Bring an automated, natural-like experience to your customers with an AI-powered chatbot. Choose the best approach for your specific needs with the KeyUA experts.

The bot is powered by natural language processing and machine learning technologies that makes it possible for it to process not only text messages but also pictures (e.g. photos of license plates). Insurance chatbots have a range of use cases, from lead generation to customer service. They take the burden off your agents and create an excellent customer experience for your policyholders. You can either implement one in your strategy and enjoy its benefits or watch your competitors adopt new technologies and win your customers. By analyzing past claims, these chatbots can provide tailored recommendations, helping customers make informed decisions about their insurance policies.

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Despite these challenges, chatbots can be valuable to an insurance company’s client service arsenal. American insurance provider State Farm has a chatbot called “Digital Assistant”. According to State Farm, the in-app chatbot “guides customers through the claim-filing process and provides proof of insurance cards without logging in.” You can use this feedback to improve the client experience and make changes to products and services. Chatbots can educate clients about insurance products and insurance services. Good customer service implies high customer satisfaction[1] and high customer retention rates.

Customers often say that quotes, premiums, and riders are such a complex subject that even after the purchase they are not too sure of all they are covered for. Customer service chatbots that can guide them through the purchase journey and provide them with clear information will make them more loyal to their insurance providers. Not just that, insurance carriers will gain a competitive edge over those insurers who delay in switching from the traditional methods of customer acquisition and retention. Many chatbots are inconvenient because they can only respond to frequently asked questions and frequently stall when a conversation drifts somewhat out of context.

chatbot insurance examples

It’s essential for companies to take an educational-first approach to get prospects on board with the idea of paying premiums and buying insurance products. Insurance and Finance Chatbots can considerably change the outlook of receiving and processing claims. Whenever a customer wants to file a claim, they can evaluate it instantly and calculate the reimbursement amount. Conventionally, claims processing requires agents to manually gather and transfer information from multiple documents. With this system, it’s difficult to scale and bring speed to the process.

In its first peak season, Sympi already succeeded in concluding around 400 additional contracts on the basis of offers ordered through it. However, Sympi is still being continuously improved and also takes on customer service tasks for existing customers, who can also benefit from its round-the-clock availability. It is easy to see that the chatbot not only improves the customer experience, but also provides great added value and relief for the customer service team. On the home page of the Swiss Helvetia insurance company, potential or existing customers are greeted by chatbot Clara, who asks how she can help them. She is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and can also work with free-text input. Here, there are no suggested topics to click on; instead, visitors type in what they want to know.

chatbot insurance examples

Chatbot will respond to queries as a customer service agent would, helping dealership generate more leads and sell more cars. Use our chatbot templates to get more leads, conversions and customer feedback or support. You can easily customize them to suit your business in just a few clicks. Verint also offers 1,100 domain-specific intents patterns of actionable user concepts. These pre-identified patterns, frequently used terms, intents, and actions enable insurers to get the most out of their investment in chatbot and conversational AI technology in the shortest amount of time. There’s only one way to build an IVA or health insurance chatbot that can meet your members’ expectations – and that’s through experience.

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